25-08-2002 - Testing release of a script for irssi that can, among many other things, set automatic k-lines if a client with a host that is dnsspam connects. Please feel free to test it and send me your comments at

13-06-2002 - Moved the spamcalc page into my personal page. I've been busy doing lots of stuff, so have not found the time to work on spamcalc. However, I have been thinking and talking about it, and concluded that the script needs to be better - speed-wise and score-wise. Da_P concluded that 0.5.1 is worse than 0.5 and I have to agree with him. I hope to work on 0.6 soon. Will need to learn CVS for that, because that's very very useful :)

12-04-2002 - Release of version 0.5.1

01-04-2002 - Release of version 0.5

This is the homepage of the spamcalc script, which is a script to calculate the dns spam value of a hostname. Check for an explanation of that concept.

Well, finally a version that I am satisfied enough with to release it. Download, unpack, enjoy and all feedback is welcome at

What does it do? Help! Well, just download and read the files in the docs subdir.

Example output can be found in output.txt (sorted by hostname) and in sorted.txt (sorted by score) and example verbose output in verbose.txt. Also, on #ipv6/ircnet, the spam calculation script is active, in combination with irssi. Check here to see the effects of that.

And here you can enter hostnames and see what the score is.